If you are considering joining our wonderful school community, we invite you to visit us and have a look around.  

School Tours are run by one of our senior leadership team, by appointment only.  Please contact the school office to make an appointment.   

Our School Prospectus is available HERE

Online Enrolment is available HERE

Enrolling Your 5 Year Old

For parents of pre-schoolers, you can assist our classroom planning by letting us know well ahead of time if your children will be attending our school.  For example, if you have a 3 or 4 year old, please give us a call and we will put them on our list of anticipated enrolments.

We would appreciate you completing the online enrolment a few months prior to your child’s 5th birthday. Our office staff can then organise your pre-school visits.  The junior team welcomes prospective students and their parents to the school and the teachers in that team make make it their mission to know you and your child in order to work together to prepare your child to be a 21st century learner.  We encourage you to book in for two pre school visits with your child prior to them starting here, our office staff will organise these with you.  These are currently run the two consecutive weeks prior to your child starting, on a Thursday at 9-10am. The visits will provide you with the answers to the many questions you may have and help support you and your child’s transition to primary schooling.    

Cohort Entry

Papamoa Primary School has adopted a cohort entry for all New Entrant children who are attending school for the first time.

We have two start dates per term, one at the beginning and one mid way through the term. Please see below for the dates for intakes for 2023:

Term 1: 31 January 2023 and 06 March 2023

Term 2: 24 April 2023 and 29 May 2023

Term 3: 17 July 2023 and 21 August 2023

Term 4: 09 October 2023 and 13 November 2023

Enrolling Older Children

If your children are transferring to us from another school, please complete the enrolment process at least one week before you would like them to start.  It would be helpful to us when placing your child if you could provide a recent school report from their previous school.   Once we have all the documentation in place, and you have purchased uniforms, the children will be entitled to start.

Enrolling Children from Overseas

This process is much the same, except that we will need you to provide proof of your children’s eligibility to be enrolled in a NZ school. This would be in the form of a current Student Visa, Residency Permit or Citizenship Certificate. We will also require a copy of their passport to support this document.

For further information, please contact the school office.

Zone Information

Because Papamoa Primary School has an enrolment zone in place enrolment will not be accepted without proof that you reside in our zone when enrolling your children. This needs to be in the form of a current power bill that clearly shows your name and address. Out of zone enrolments will not be accepted. Children must be residing in our school zone at the time of their start date at Papamoa Primary School.

Our new Zone will be in place for all enrolments from 2022 onwards.  Please click the following link for our new Zone Map and Enrolment Scheme 2022

Out of Zone Enrolments

Pāpāmoa Primary School is sometimes in the position to accept Out of Zone enrolments depending on the current roll and year level numbers.

If you would like to be considred for an Out of Zone space for your child, please complete this form: Out of Zone enrolment Interest


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