Parent information

Parent information


All students are expected to commence school in the correct uniform.  Uniform can be purchased from the NZ Uniforms, 94 Elizabeth Street, Tauranga.  They are open 6 days a week for your convenience and uniform can also be purchased online directly through their online shop.    

It is expected, upon commencement, to have at least two shirts and two shorts or skorts.  Papamoa School Hats are compulsory as part of our Sun Smart Policy and are required to be worn whilst outside in terms 1 and 4.   



Reviewed March 2007




A school uniform is a mandatory requirement for attendance at Papamoa Primary School.  This enables students to identify with the  corporate body of the school and enables parents to ensure equity in dress. 



1.      That the uniform is worn as illustrated below.

2.      That the clothing items are attractive, durable, comfortable and moderately priced.

3.      That the uniform serves to identify the students as belonging to Papamoa Primary School.



1.      The uniform will be worn all year round with variations for seasonal changes.

2.      The uniform will be made up of approved items as illustrated below.  No substitutions will be accepted.

3.      All items of clothing and footwear must be clearly named,

4.      Uniforms will be available from the school uniform supplier.

5.      Parents are responsible for maintaining the uniform to a high standard.

6.      When footwear is worn, it will be as detailed below.


Uniform Schedule:   Note: (PPS = Papamoa Primary School)


SUMMER -   PPS Sunhat    (compulsory in Term 1 and Term 4)                          

                 -   2 x PPS Polo Shirts                                                     

                 -   PPS Polar Fleece

                 -   2 x PPS Shorts (or Skorts for girls - optional)

                 -   Sensible low-heeled footwear (excluding boots)


           WINTER   -   PPS Sunhat

                            -   2 x PPS Polo Shirts

                            -   PPS Polar Fleece

                            -   2 x PPS Track / Long Pants (optional)

                            -   Navy / Black Socks or Stockings

                            -   Sensible low-heeled footwear (excluding boots)


Please follow the following link to the NZ Uniforms website for the most up to date prices: NZ Uniforms




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