Parent information

Parent information

At Papamoa Primary School, your child will receive a report twice a year.   When reporting, it is our aim to clearly show your child's progress and achievement in Reading, Writing and Maths in relation to the National Standards.  We also feel it is important to let you know of your child's participation and achievement in other areas such as Technology, Science/Social Science, Health, Physical Education and The Arts.

The report includes:

  • your child’s progress towards established goals and the support provided if relevant
  • your child’s progress and achievement in relation to the National Standards
  • your child's next learning steps

Please read the following:

We hope the information in your child's report, and the guides to “Supporting Your Child’s Learning” available on the links below will help you to:

  • understand how your child is doing at school and how their learning needs are being met
  • be confident that learning difficulties are being addressed
  • track your child's progress over time
  • understand what your child's next learning step is in Reading, Writing and Maths

Follow the link below to download a guide to achievement expectation in Literacy and Numeracy for each year level, along with suggestions of how you can support learning at home:

The above documents may also be accessed from the Ministry of Education's website (in English, or translated to other languages).  Follow this link:  Resources for Supporting Your Child's Learning

You might also like to read the following publications:

As well as using the information in your child’s report, and the above guides, other ways to support your child’s learning include:

  • listening to them talk about what they are learning and talking with them about it
  • providing enjoyable opportunities outside school for practising what they have learnt at school
  • telling them you are proud of what they have learnt and the progress they have made
  • keeping in contact with your child's classroom teacher
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