Board Elections 2022


School Board Elections


Parent & Staff Elections Results Declaration


Parent representative votes:

Bermel, Lauren 45

Downes, Sam 23

Smith, Jamie 60

Wallis, Kate 56

Webb, Sarah 81

Williamson, Vicky 57


Invalid votes 1


I hereby declare the following duly elected:

Jamie Smith

Kate Wallis

Sarah Webb

Vicky Williamson


Staff representative votes:

Burningham, Erin 11

Turner, Nikki 19


Invalid votes 2


I hereby declare Nikki Turner duly elected.



Rochelle Goninon

Returning Officer


Background Information

In early September this year schools across NZ will be voting for their school Board of Trustees (BOT) Members. The BOT is made up of parents or community members who are passionate about their local school.


Here at Pāpāmoa Primary School, we run split elections every 18 months, this ensures that we have continuity across our elected board. In September this year, we will have 3 positions available for election. The 3 elected positions will join the 3 already appointed board members from 18 months ago.


As a school we have a number of exciting things happening across the school and we need passionate and committed members of our community to support this mahi.


What is Governance?

Governance has an important role to play within a school. The best way we like to describe governance is ‘hands around - not hands on’. We provide the guidance, support and oversight that allows Matt and his team to get on with the mahi.


What are the time commitments?

Guidance, support and oversight do take some time, it is not just turning up to the monthly meetings. Depending on what is happening within the school and the subcommittee of the board you may be a part of, your time commitment can be between 10-15 hours per month. This would include your reading and preparation time for board meetings, responding to emails between meetings and being available every now and then to support.


What skill sets do I need?

The number one skill set you need is a passion for our school, a want for our school to be doing well and a commitment to supporting Matt and the team that work hard for our tamariki.


Outside of this, your own expertise can be of value to support. This may be a wide range of backgrounds including property management, finance, human resource, employment and personnel, policy review and implementation, teaching, learning & pastoral care, business Experience, Diversity, Inclusion, whānau and cultural engagement etc. Please note, that these are not essential.


If I would like to know more what should I do?

As a board, we would value the opportunity to invite members of our community who are interested in the BOT to join us over the next few meetings to understand how our board operates and works to support Matt and the team at Pāpāmoa Primary.

If this is something that you would be interested in please make contact with either Sarah Webb the current Board Chair (or Presiding Members as it is now called) via email [email protected] or Matt Simeon - Pāpāmoa School Principal [email protected] and we can give you further information and when our scheduled meetings are.


Ngā manaakitanga


Pāpāmoa School Board of Trustees.


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