What you need when enrolling                                                   

Proof of Address (Compulsory): Enrolment will not be accepted without proof that you reside within our school zone.  This must be in the form of a current power bill that clearly shows your name and address, or a brand new tenancy agreement. Enrolment will not be accepted if your proof of address does not meet requirement, so please make sure you have the correct proof before proceeding with enrolment.

Proof of Identity (Compulsory): All children attending need verification of identity. The documents we can accept are:

-NZ Birth Certificate

-NZ or Australian Passport

-NZ Citizenship Certificate

-An overseas Passport as well as proof of Eligibility to Study in NZ (Compulsory).  This needs to be either a Student Visa, Residency Permit or Citizenship Certificate.

Immunisation:  A plunket book or immunisation certificate. If you are arriving from overseas we do need your immunisation records verified by a NZ doctor to show it is in line with our NZ immunisation schedule. We can not accept overseas immunisation records. This is not compulsory to attend.

School Report: If your child is transferring from another school in NZ it would be helpful if you could attach a transfer form or a recent school report from their previous school. This is not compulsory to enrol.

Internet Policy Document Please read HERE

Please find below the three compulsory forms.  ALL THREE FORMS MUST BE COMPLETED, and all relevant documents must be provided before enrolment can be accepted.




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