Parent information

Parent information

Uniform: Our school uniform is sold from The Warehouse, at the Papamoa Plaza. We have a new manufacturer so you will notice some changes to the styles, and also the items will all have our new logo on them.   Please note: the old uniform and logo will be phased out slowly over the next few years, so you are not expected to replace your existing items with new ones until necessary. 

Please follow this link to read our uniform policy.

The school office has a few second hand uniform items for sale, especially sweatshirts.  Second hand pieces are great to have as spares! 

Uniform Prices at The Warehouse


Papamoa School sunhat


Papamoa School short sleeved polo shirts 

$33.99  (Sizes 4-16)

Papamoa School 1/4 zip polar fleece

$37.99  (Sizes3-7 )

$41.99 (Sizes 8-16)

Papamoa School sweatshirt


$27.99 (Sizes 3-7)

$29.99 (Sizes 8-16)

Papamoa School skorts (optional for girls) 

$32.99 (Sizes 4-10)

$35.99 (Sizes12-16)

Papamoa School shorts


Papamoa School Cargo Pants (optional in winter)








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