Parent information

Parent information

School Stationery:

Stationery packs are available at school and we encourage you to purchase them from us.  However  if you wish to purchase your own stationery, you may pick up a list from school office or please see below links:

Stationery List 2019 - K1 - K8

Stationery List 2019 - K9 - K13

Stationery List 2019 - Year 3 & 4

Stationery List 2019 -  Year 5 & 6


School Donations:

School donations are $15 per child, per term (ie $60 a year).  If you choose to pay this at the beginning of the year then it is only $50.  While this charge is not compulsory, we rely on the money to develop and provide quality programmes and facilities for our students.  You are eligible to claim a School Donation rebate from IRD when you complete your annual tax returns. 

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