Learning and Teaching

Learning and Teaching

Support for Students with Needs

At Papamoa School we strive to accommodate all of our students' learning needs.  We focus on lifting the engagement and achievement of all young people and provide a range of approaches and tools to address specific needs so that our students can reach their full potential.

We operate a curriculum centred on the needs of each student, providing a learning environment that is motivating and challenging, success orientated, relevant with practical outcomes, individualised, and supported by teacher aides in a variety of programmes.   Some of the programmes supported by our teacher aides are:  Reading Recovery, Word Working and Oracy groups, ESOL, Rainbow Reading and ESOL (English for speakers of other languages)

For children with specific needs we work together to create Individualised Educational Plans (IEPS) and work closely with outside agencies such as those listed below.

Support Services

  • Ministry of Education - Group Special Education (G.S.E.)
     a.    Occupational Therapist
     b.   Speech/Language Therapist
     c.    Adviser on the Deaf
  • Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour (R.T.L.B.)  We have access to this service for students whose learning and behavioural needs are such that some form of intervention is required.
  • Public Health Nurse
  • Hearing/Vision Tester
  • Resource Teacher of Literature (R.T. Lit.)  This service is shared by a group of schools. This teacher works with older children whose language/reading levels are well below their chronological age.
  • Children, Youth and Family Service (C.Y.F.S).  Schools can access this service if we have concerns about the health and safety of pupils.


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