Our People and Partners

Our People and Partners

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It is recognised that the Board of Trustees has the overall responsibility for the school, but to enable a school to function effectively, the Board of Trustees and Principal work together in a climate of mutual goodwill, respect, trust and co-operation. 

The four major roles of a Board of Trustees are -

  1. The overall governance of the school.
  2. In its governance role, to be primarily responsible through the Charter, for the establishment of goals for this school. This requires the Board to establish school policies after due consultation with the Principal, staff and school community; to monitor and evaluate their results and to review policies regularly.
  3. To support the Principal in his management role by providing the delegated authorities in education, administration, personnel and finance matters to allow the Principal to manage effectively.
  4. To select the Principal and approve the appointment of all staff.

At Papamoa School we operate a staggered election system where half of the Board of Trustees are elected every eighteen months.  All parents and caregivers are entitled to vote and stand for office.

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Board of Trustees Current Members:

                                              Phil Friar  – Principal

Jake Crockford   Chairperson

I am 41 years old and married with three children, two currently attending Papamoa Primary and the third due to start in August. I grew up in Katikati and attended Katikati Primary and College but have lived in Papamoa and worked in the area since 1996, currently  as environmental manager on the Tauranga Eastern Link project. I consider myself ‘old school’ with more traditional academic values and believe a strong, positive, dynamic school environment is essential to enable a child to reach their full potential both academically and socially. I am looking forward to the opportunity to contribute to the governance of the school as it evolves to meet the changing needs of the next generation of children, who will eventually shape the future of New Zealand.  We are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful place and in my spare time I celebrate this with my family by participating in a range of outdoor activities including surfing, fishing and mountain biking.

Jane Barnett      Parent Representative

All four of our children attend Papamoa School so we are involved in each of the syndicates.  I have really enjoyed getting to know the staff over the past five years.  I am delighted that my family are part of a school that is committed to providing a positive learning environment and offering a range of opportunities.My background is in economics and I have extensive policy analysis experience - both in the public and private sectors.  I am currently working at Tauranga City Council as a policy analyst and strategic planner.  We are very lucky to be living in such a beautiful part of the country and have Papamoa Beach as our playground.  My family love to play at the beach and get out and about in nature.

Robynne Cabusao    Parent Representative

I have 2 sons at Papamoa Primary School .We moved from Auckland to Papamoa 3 years ago for the lifestyle.  I am self-employed and have a business in Auckland, which I am lucky enough to run from here. 

I have a huge passion for our school. I love that we are part of a school that is so full of opportunity, is progressive and has a fantastic environment. I am very grateful that my children are a part of this wonderful community.

I strongly believe in giving back to the school and the school community. Being part of the Papamoa Primary School is a great way to achieve this. 

Kim Chamberlain   Parent Representative

I have two children attending Papamoa Primary School.  My husband Steve and I have lived in Papamoa for seven years.  Our family loves the great outdoors and this area provides a very good playground.

I currently work part-time as a Veterinarian for Te Puke Vets.  Prior to having my children, I was partner in a veterinary practice in Auckland for 5 years.  My field of employment allows me to view issues with a broad perspective and find solutions to complex situations. 

I feel strongly that all students should have access to a quality education providing them with the chance to achieve to the best of their ability.  Papamoa Primary is such a great school and it has been a pleasure watching our kids achieve academically, socially and in sports.  I am passionate about education and excited by the opportunity and potential challenges that being on the Board of Trustees will provide.  


Scott McLean    Parent  Representative

Born and raised in Palmerston North, I moved to Papamoa approximately 8 years ago.  My wife Tracy and I have two children, one who is a new entrant to Papamoa Primary and our young son will eventually follow.  I commenced my working career as an apprentice carpenter and eventually moved my way through the ranks which saw me move into site management and later, re-locate to the United Kingdom.   Throughout my time in the United Kingdom I travelled extensively throughout Europe, Africa, parts of the Middle East, Asia and Australia providing me with a wider scope and broadening my horizons.

Upon my return, and after settling in Papamoa, my current employment is as a Health, Safety and Environmental Manager for a national construction company covering the Central Region, dealing with a wide range of people, tasks and situations.  I bring a positive, analytical approach whilst maintaining professionalism, honesty and relationships throughout any activity I am a part of.  It is exciting to be given the opportunity to be part of such a progressive school with honest and traditional values.  In my spare time I enjoy fishing, water sports, travelling and spending time with family and friends.

Shannan Edwards    Teacher Representative

I started teaching at Papamoa Primary School in 2013 and have loved every moment. I believe that we are lucky to live in such an amazing environment and to have a community so focused on positive outcomes for our students.

After working in schools in Rotorua, Hamilton and Auckland, I am really happy to say that I have found my place as part of an amazing staff here at PPS. Being a teacher involves taking on a variety of roles, and I am looking forward to representing the staff on a once again. 







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