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Pounamu Pod Year 3 and 4 - Inquiry for Term 3
3 August 2020

‘Bee the change you want to see’

This term Pounamu is looking into a big question for their inquiry: How can we change the way we maintain and protect the pollinators in our environment?

During their questioning and wondering stage Pounamu looked at various insects and decided with a learning buddy if they thought they were ‘helpful’ or a ‘hinderer’. 

“We thought moths were hinerers but they are actually helpers because they pollinate our ecosystem” -  Amyjane and Nate

“I learnt that every insect is made for a different reason and they are all helpers” - Hemi 

“Butterflies are helpful because they pollinate flowers” - Valens

“I was surprised that flies were helpful because they eat rotting things as well as pollinate” - Cooper

“I learnt that slatters are great for your garden because they eat up organic matter” - Amyjane

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