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Love them and Leave them initiative
19 August 2019

The Travel Smart Ambassador new ‘Love them and Leave them’ initiative

Do you use the ‘Love them and Leave them’ drop off zone in the morning?

Then STOP as there is no need to leave your vehicle any more!

Our new Travel Smart Ambassadors would like to introduce a new service they are offering to parents with little ones needing to be dropped off.

Every morning they will be on duty at the ‘Love and Leave Them’ 8.15 – 8.35am ready to walk your little ones to their classroom. They are very friendly, caring and responsible, and easily identified by their bright orange sash.


To improve the flow of our drop off zone, by not having cars left unattended. 
To provide a great service for Mums and Dads that also have new babies in the car. 
To care for our little ones, and give them a little independence.


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