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New Sandpit Toys
14 April 2016

Room 12 wanted to do something about the lack of sandpit toys in the Tuhua sandpit.  They did some research about what toys/equipment they would like to see in the sandpit and then wrote to the PTA requesting some financial help from them.  The PTA agreed (and with the help of The Warehouse giving us a discount on Tonka Trucks) we were able to purchase 3 new trucks, 10 good quality buckets/spades/sieves and 8 claws to go in the sandpit.  Since the introduction of the new toys there has been an increase in children using the sandpit.  Room 12 wrote thank you letters/cards to the PTA because without their financial help none of this would have been able to happen.  Room 12 have also taken on the responsibility of unlocking and locking away the sandpit toys to help keep them safe and well looked after.

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