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WBoP Ripper Rugby World Cup
19 May 2015

Congratulations to the Papamoa Primary School students that represented us in last weeks BOPRU WBOP Ripper Rugby World Cup. Our teams did exceptionally well to make the Top 8 Championship before being knocked out by Green Park School. A big thanks to all those parents that helped with transport and management on the day as well as the leadership of Mr Tahana.

Well done to Nachalah S Room 19, Charlotte G Room 11, Mimi H Room 13, Alexia W Room 18, Alanah E Room 13 Fletcher A Room 12, Noah O’R Room 19, Declan KRoom 11, Rhydian S Room 11, GJ C Room 11, Paige W Room 25, Faye H Room 25, Keisha K Room 24,  Jazmin S Room 25, Ebony A Room 24, Kerry O’R Room 20, Rico K Room 25, Aaron G Room 22, Micah H Room 26, Jimmi R Room 26.


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