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Mufti Day Fundraiser for Sam Fitness
1 April 2015

Today we held a mufti day to help raise money for an ex-student of the school. For those of you who know Sam you will know how active he is in sports and all things in life. After having spent Christmas with family Sam was looking forward to a new chapter in his life, as he was set to go to university this year, when on 28 December 2014 he had a tragic accident.  Sam climbed a tree at a local reserve and a fall irrevocably changed his and his family’s life when he suffered a spinal injury, a 5 fracture to his neck which has left him at the age of 17 as a tetraplegic.  The words “life changing” are often overused but in this case it is the simple truth. No longer able to walk, use his arms or hands properly and do many of the things we all simply take for granted, aspects of his life have become more challenging and difficult.  Our student council decided a mufti day would be a great way to raise funds for Sam and students were asked to wear "sports" clothes to school and bring a gold coin donation.



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